Home Plumbing FAQs

When it concerns the plumbing in your home, you likely never think about anything going wrong until it actually goes wrong. This can lead to minor issues becoming major problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible, which often results in calling an emergency plumbing technician. The best way to prevent plumbing issues is to learn as much as possible and watch for small problems.

To aid you along the way, let’s get into some of the common questions homeowners have when it comes to their plumbing.

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How do I avoid getting water damage in my home?

There are many different ways you can avoid water damage, but the best way is to get in touch with a company specializing in plumbing, such as Day & Night Air, to get an inspection done on your home and spot problems before they worsen. You can also avoid leaving water in tubs or sinks, keep flooring dry, and check walls often for signs of leaks.

What should I do when a pipe bursts?

When a pipe bursts in your home, you want to lessen water damage as much as possible by turning off the water at its main valve. After this, you need to assess the damage, turn off electricity in affected areas of the home, and take photos of the damage for your insurance company. You’ll also want to call a plumber to take care of the busted pipe.

What can I do to fix a clogged toilet quickly?

A clogged toilet can be very inconvenient, but the easiest way to get rid of a clog is to use a plunger. Do not flush your toiler, as this can cause it to overflow. If unclogging it this way doesn’t work, call a technician to assess the problem.

If you have any further questions about home plumbing problems, contact a licensed plumbing technician in your area.