How To Get Rid Of Ticks?

With the spring season rolling into Cataula, disease-carrying ticks are on the prowl for a host as well. They can be found in public parks, wooded trails, and even your backyard. These insects may seem tiny and harmless, but they pose a huge threat to humans and pets.

Due to this, considering residential tick control cataula is essential during the hotter months. Responsible for spreading diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ticks are extremely dangerous and should be removed from your home.

How should you impose tick control? Follow the given methods, and you should be free of ticks in your home.


Removing fallen leaves from your property deprives ticks of an ideal environment to hide during the spring. Raking your backyard will remove any excess vegetation and leaf litter that would otherwise serve as breeding grounds for ticks.

excess vegetation

Removing leaves and brush from your yard will prevent other animals such as mice and squirrels from lodging in your home as well. They are notorious for carrying ticks that could infest your home. Therefore, clean up and seal small openings and stonewalls to restrict access to rodents and other small carriers of ticks.

tick control

Hiring professionals to get rid of ticks in your home is effective and convenient. They are well-equipped to deal with these pests as they are trained. Lyme disease carried by ticks can affect humans, cats, and dogs. Therefore, hiring licensed professionals can potentially protect your family and pets from the diseases that ticks carry.


Disease-carrying ticks are notorious for spreading dangerous infections that could potentially harm your family and pets. Hiring professional help to control tick infestation during the spring season is wise as it can prevent various problems. This is the go-to solution to enjoy your spring in the backyard of your home without any fear!