Tips For Cooling Off Your Room

Summer is a great time to sit by the pool, drink a nice glass of lemonade and read a book.  For some people, they don’t have a pool or way to sit out and drink lemonade.  If you are someone who is stuck in your house, you might want to consider a few different ways to cool off your space so that you are comfortable.

Ceiling fan


Fans are great.  If you are able to install fans in your room, you can start to cool them off fairly quickly.  One type of fan that you will want to look into is a Ceiling fan.  With these types of fans, you are hanging them from the ceiling sending the cooler air that they produce down towards the ground. 

Air conditioners

Another way that you can stay cool is by installing an air conditioner.  There are many types of air conditioners on the market and depending on what you are looking for can easily find one.  With an air conditioner you will typically have it in a window.  The idea is that the hot air that is in the house will be pulled out of the room and returned to the outside.  When this happens the temperature of inside will lower making the room cool.

Wear cool clothing

One thing that you will want to consider is wearing cool clothing.  When you wear cool clothing, you are pulling the heat from your body and replacing it with cooler temperatures.  Wearing clothes that are made of cotton as well as are a light color such as white and blue will help reflect the heat making the room and yourself cooler. 

Drink fluids

You want to drink plenty of fluids when you are hot.  When you are hydrated your body is better equipped to deal with the temperature of the room.  You want to drink water and avoid things like soda, juice and alcohol.