Tooth Extraction is Not As Scary As You Think-A Step-by-Step Process!

Whether you’re suffering a severe toothache because of decay or broke a tooth in an overly intense touch football game, having that tooth pulled might be the solution your dentist recommends. Although it sounds scary, dentists have new tools and pain-killing methods at their disposal that make the tooth extraction process much easier than it used to be. It always helps to reduce anxiety, though, to be familiar with the basic process the dentist will use to pull your tooth.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

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Tooth or dental extraction refers to the process of getting your tooth pulled out from your alveolus or gums. You need not get scared. With the pain killers used today, the tooth extraction vancouver process is relatively painless procedure.

Your dentist will take x-rays and examine the tooth carefully before making a recommendation to pull the tooth. Here are different steps involved in the tooth extraction process.

Step 1: Your dentist will give you an antibiotic or an injection of anesthesia to numb your gum. It will ensure that you do not feel any pain during the extraction.

Step 2: The dentist will gently shake and rock your tooth with a pair of forceps. This will help your tooth to loosen up.

Step 3: Your now loosened tooth is ready for extraction. The dentist may have to separate your tooth from the gums or a ligament issue before pulling it out.

Step 4: Once your tooth is pulled-out, your dentist will stitch the gum.

Note: In some cases, your doctor may suggest to graft a bone, such that it holds the socket in place. This step is vital if you want to get a new tooth implanted after your tooth is extracted.

Final Words

Tooth extraction may sound complicated, but it is actually a smooth process. All you need to do is, find an expert dental service in your locality.